Gloomy Morning Rituals

As Autumn approaches, the weather in Amsterdam just gets gloomier and gloomier. I know a lot of people get excited for fall, but over here it’s just a lot of rain and wind, except for the days where the sun […]

Sail-in Parade 2015 Diary

Boy, the horns from tall ships are loud. But they are so beautiful that you just don’t care – even if you jump out and your drink spills everywhere every time they go off. The SAIL is a huge maritime event that happens in […]

Cycling in Amsterdam for the first time: The Saga

Having a bike in Amsterdam is almost like having a weapon. Before you go on saying “Oh Giulianna, you’re so exaggerated!”, let me tell you a little story. When I first moved to Amsterdam, I already knew how to ride […]

Rem Eiland Amsterdam

This is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to in Amsterdam. With breathtaking views and also breathtaking staircases, the place is full of history and good food – of course. For those who visit, you might wonder how and […]

Puccini Bomboni

Before we start talking about chocolates, I must tell you I’m not a big fan of them. They are a rare treat for me, and I’m extremely picky when it comes to taste and texture. So, to glamour a person […]

Hidden gem in Amsterdam: Begijnhof

One of the best Amsterdam’s historical hidden gems, the Bejinhof is a closed courtyard cut off from all the noise and rushed life of the city. Although it’s located in the Spui – a very busy area of the city […]

Hakata Senpachi

I’ve always loved Japanese food, but found it hard to find very authentic restaurants with good quality ingredients and dishes. One night, while browsing places on FourSquare – and saving the ones I like, something I do often and recommend you do […]

Visiting the Mont of St. Michel in France

If you are into travel I bet you must have a wishlist of places you want to visit around the world. Well, this place was on the top 10 of my list and now I can officially say I crossed it […]

Drawing supplies

I’ve recently purchased beautiful pro-markers from Letraset, and they are a delight to use. I love drawing and illustrating little animals and other objects on paper, and I find water-colour a bit messy to use sometimes compared to markers. These […]

Halloween read list

I wanted to list all the scary movies that are worth watching for Halloween, but I thought to myself, why go for movies if reading something scary is better than seeing it on the screen? To have to picture a whole horror […]

The real fairy tale stories

I purchased this book last year, but I couldn’t finish reading it until now. Not that it’s not an enjoyable read – of course it is – but there are too many tales and I felt like I needed to […]

The best dutch ice cream cone in Amsterdam

There aren’t nearly as many ice cream shops in Amsterdam as there are in any little city in Italy, but there is some good ice cream to be eaten in The Netherlands and certainly one of the best is in […]

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