Tuesday, 19/07/2016

Three days in Rio de Janeiro

We just came back from vacation in Brazil where we spent three wonderful weeks of family fun & travel, including Rio in some of them. Our trip to Rio was somewhat a special occasion that I can’t wait to tell you […]

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Friday, 04/03/2016

Gerlos, Austria

This is our second time with family in Gerlos and at the same hotel, and last time I didn’t get the chance to hike, only to find out that I really really don’t like skiing! Picture this: girl falling in […]

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Thursday, 03/03/2016

Packing light for heavy winter

We made it to the village, and we are all settled in the hotel. We’re going to hike, and also I’ll read and chill while V. goes snowboarding. The snow is fresh and the pistes are crowded. This is our […]

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Wednesday, 28/01/2015

Visiting the Mont of St. Michel in France

If you are into travel I bet you must have a wishlist of places you want to visit around the world. Well, this place was on the top 10 of my list and now I can officially say I crossed it […]

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