Tuesday, 22/03/2016

A not-gross guide to natural cleaning

I have a hate and love relationship with cleaning. I love when everything is clean but I hate doing it, but that’s not news to anyone in the world I guess? We live in an apartment by ourselves with a […]

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Saturday, 19/03/2016

DIY Alove vera healing cream

We get burned pretty often around here because we like to cook at home everyday, so me and V. will get the usual oil splash, burning water spill, hot pan handles, and suffer from invisible oven-mitt paradox (where you can’t find […]

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Thursday, 10/03/2016

Supplements for hashimotos

Hey guys! I know this subject is kind of a downer but I think this post can benefit a lot of people who will read it. Let’s sit down and talk about Hair loss and Hypothyroidism today! Even if you don’t have […]

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Thursday, 03/03/2016

Packing light for heavy winter

We made it to the village, and we are all settled in the hotel. We’re going to hike, and also I’ll read and chill while V. goes snowboarding. The snow is fresh and the pistes are crowded. This is our […]

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Friday, 02/10/2015

Gloomy Morning Rituals

As Autumn approaches, the weather in Amsterdam just gets gloomier and gloomier. I know a lot of people get excited for fall, but over here it’s just a lot of rain and wind, except for the days where the sun […]

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