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Monday, 27/06/2016

Amsterdam Book Market Finds I

Hey everyone! I’m writing this post from Brazil! We flew out here for my mom’s birthday and we’ve just been enjoying the Brazilian winter. But I’m still going to share with you some of my latest purchase “book-wise” in Amsterdam. […]

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#The Book Club

Friday, 31/10/2014

Halloween read list

I wanted to list all the scary movies that are worth watching for Halloween, but I thought to myself, why go for movies if reading something scary is better than seeing it on the screen? To have to picture a whole horror […]

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#The Book Club

Monday, 27/10/2014

The real fairy tale stories

I purchased this book last year, but I couldn’t finish reading it until now. Not that it’s not an enjoyable read – of course it is – but there are too many tales and I felt like I needed to […]

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