Monday, 03/10/2016

A day in the east of Amsterdam | 6x hotspots

Oh, boy.. I can barely believe summer is gone… No more cycling around in skirts and dresses to enjoy the refreshing wind coming through, no more laying on the sand or the grass in the city’s many beautiful parks (this […]

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Friday, 16/09/2016

Brunch at Bakers & Roesters

There is something relaxing about waking up in the weekend and going for a late breakfast (or brunch if you’d rather call it that). But to be fair just the thought of not having to cook and then clean up […]

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Saturday, 10/09/2016

Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep

Hidden between the leafy trees at Flevopark is a dreamy little distillery, tucked away from all the noise of the city and surrounded by a small pound, herb garden and fruit trees. You can hear the ducks playing and distant noise of […]

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