What is MGB?

I blog because I like to talk, alot! Surprised?

I’ve been blogging ever since I was 14 and I started this blog as a way to share my passions and reach others on a lonely night after moving to Amsterdam. I started this space to share information about Holland and where to go in Amsterdam, and later on other interests took over and then Mrs. Goldenberry was born. This is a space meant to be shared and to empower others, so I like to say every woman who reads this blog is a Mrs. Goldenberry herself. (So deep, I know)

I love to share things that can possible help others, or that can put a smile on your face.I mainly post about Lifestyle, Amsterdam, Beauty, Travel & Wellness. This is by no means a fashion blog, but outfits and clothes talk might come up! This blog is also a very personal space to me, so feel free to drop me a note!

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And who the hell is this?

Hi everyone, I’m Giulianna. I’m a Brazilian living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have a passion for books and get too emotionally invested in fictional characters. I have a cat who needs to be constantly entertained and is convinced he is human (he might make the occasional appearance in my pictures), and I love eating ice cubes. Now we can be friends.

Spirit Animal: Cats, duh?
Go-to road trip snack: Dried fruit!
Favorite movies: Star Wars, All Jurassic Parks, Amelie, Ace Ventura & A series of unfortunate events.
Celebrity crush: Tina Fey & Benedict Cumberbatch
Guilty pleasure: Watching the Kardashians on snapchat in a bath with popcorn
Non-blog hobby: Reading and cat entertaining
Childhood hero: Ace Ventura


Why did I move to Amsterdam?

Long story short: I moved to The Netherlands to live with my then boyfriend (now fiancée). We had a long distance relationship, and long distance is the wrong distance you guys!

What camera equipment do I use?

I mainly Canon 70D and I have a Canon 500D. My lenses are the Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II, Canon EFS 18-135mm and Canon EFS 18-55mm. My tripod is the Cullmann nanomax 450. Other things I use for my photography include a couple reflectors, lens UV filters and hoods, and various background drops that I have laying around the house. I don't use professional lighting because I like to photograph only with day light.

So, you have a chronic illness?

Yes, I suffer from Hashimoto's and that brings a lot of complications. Everybody who has Hashimoto's experiences it differently, so I can't really tell you exactly how this disease affects people, just how it affects me as an individual. Let's get personal... I've had weight gain that took me a couple years to adjust to, I've hypothyroidism AND hyperthyroidism depending on my medications and antibodies levels, hair loss, chronic fatigue, mood swings, hormonal acne problems, my antiparietal cell antibodies are high (the parietal cells make and release a substance that the body needs to absorb vitamin B12), and SO many things.. I could keep going on but ain't nobody got time for that.

I lead a normal life with a few modifications depending on how my disease flares up as anyone with ANY chronic condition will understand.

How do you edit your photos?

I use Lightroom, and on my phone I use DarkRoom, SKRWT and ColorStory.

What blog theme do you use?

I use the base theme by Madlyluv, I'm too lazy to move my code to another framework & it's been so overly edited it's barely there anymore. I recommend it, it's a great base theme! Soon MGB will migrate to it's own 100% MGB theme.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and when I was 2 years old my parents moved to Macaé (the oil capital of Brazil) for work. It's a city inside the state of Rio de Janeiro 160km from the capital (which is Rio de Janeiro the city), so I grew up in between Rio (the city) and Macaé.

How did you learn to take photos?

I'm 100% amateur & self-taught. I still have a lot to learn until I master my style. I plan on continuing to pursue photography and I've had a few small jobs.

How can we collaborate?

You can click here to contact me.

Can you help me move to The Netherlands?

It's weird to have to answer to this, but I've actually gotten many e-mails with this question! I can help you with some bits of legal information, but i applied for my visa over 5 years ago and since then things have changed. I will never help anyone come here illegally or stay illegally.

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