A day in the east of Amsterdam | 6x hotspots

enjoying the last days of summer

Oh, boy.. I can barely believe summer is gone… No more cycling around in skirts and dresses to enjoy the refreshing wind coming through, no more laying on the sand or the grass in the city’s many beautiful parks (this so sounds like an ad for Amsterdam now)…

Summer is literally my favorite season of the year, and yeah I know that me saying this and coming from a country that rarely has any winter sounds like a cliché, but Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the summer! Of course autumn brings beautiful colors but it quickly catches up with the rainy and flu season, and before you know it.. Hellooo long winter.

Me and my friend Marjorie spent one of the last days of summer in the east of Amsterdam. She lives in the south-west side of the city so I wanted to show her around my neighborhood, some touristy spots & some hidden ones.

Let me take you through our day… ūüėČ

*PS: Yes, this was before I got my hair cut.. Took me literally forever to put this together so bear with me!



Brunch at Bakers & Roasters

First things first, BRUNCH! I’m a recent convert to brunch and so I had to come to this place. It’s literally blooming with reviews from locals nowadays.

This place is right by the The National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum) & NEMO museum and also five minutes from my apartment. I’ve written all about it here.

After we got our bellies full of delicious bacon and coffee, we headed to the NEMO Museum’s surroundings…

Kadijksplein 16, 1018 AC



Awesome view at NEMO

There are many ways to get an awesome view of Amsterdam for free, and one of them is climbing up to the rooftop of the NEMO Museum. After our brunch we headed straight to the top of the Museum to take some photos! You don’t have to go in, although I don’t know why you wouldn’t (specially if you have kids) if you like to see cool science things.

You can use the stairs behind the NEMO museum or the elevator to go up, and up there you will find an awesome lounging area and view! They also have a little cafe and fun things to do.

Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX


Extra tip

On the other side of the water there is the OBA, the central public library of Amsterdam, reachable by bridge.

If you go up there you also get a great view of the city, plus the building is an state of the art thing.

You don’t have to pay to get in the building and it’s fun and relaxing to browse through the books and archives they have, even exhibitions.

A great spot to end your day with sunset (depending on the season) views if you ask me.

Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL


What’s that circle thingy? I don’t know what that is but I wanna do it too (said the forever-mentally-5-year-old)


3. Hannekes Boom

Awesome hangout place right by the Central Station. Think waterfront with fairy lights and tap beer, and a relaxed and chilled atmosphere… And of course, since today is all about views, the view here is also amazing. You can easily cycle here from the city center or make an entrance by boat!

Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS

Our route:
Bakers & Roesters, Nemo Museum, View of Hannekes Boom, Kattenburgerstraat, IJHaven Channel + Oostelijke Handelskade

4. Kattenburgerstraat

As we were headed to Flevopark, we stopped in the middle of the Kattenburgerstraat, a street that we needed to cycle in anyway, but we saw this beautiful wall full of greenery so we had to stop to snap some pictures!

Kattenburgerstraat 60

5. Happy Happy Joy Joy

How happy is the name of this place? This is the second location of this restaurant, people who live in the east probably knew this place used to be Mercat… but out with the spanish tapas and in with great asian food! You can still enjoy good spanish tapas nearby at Puerto Pata Negra, with a great terrace and view and night parties (in front of Lloyd Hotel which is an attraction itself). This location has a big terrace perfect to enjoy the summer and relax. In fact this place is so relaxy vibes that i saw someone with their CAT there! Yes people, this place is cat approved and that is good enough for me.

Oostelijke Handelskade 999, 1019 BW

Oostelijke Handelskade 4


Our route:
Happy Happy Joy Joy, Flevopark and¬†Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep


6. Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep

We headed to Flevopark to end our day right, with lots of greenery and a beer at the¬†Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep.¬†This is my favorite place right now, I’m so obsessed with it I’ve written all about it here on MGB.

Flevopark 13, 1095 KE