Brunch at Bakers & Roesters

Hmmm…. Bacon.

There is something relaxing about waking up in the weekend and going for a late breakfast (or brunch if you’d rather call it that). But to be fair just the thought of not having to cook and then clean up as soon as I wake up already gets me going out the door.

I’ve heard great things about this place (they have açai bowls!), but it was always too far for me to actually cycle there in the morning… If I have to cycle more than 10 minutes anywhere for breakfast then I’m just not gonna do it, I’m really not that mature… But Guess what? They opened up place right in my neighboorhood and it’s five minutes cycling for me, so by the rules of all that is “good and brunch”, I had to try it.

On their website it says one of the owners of this place was Brazilian (like moi) so I was expecting to get pretty good breakfast. This might might be biased and I’m sorry but Brazil has amazing breakfast! I set out to go there with a brazilian friend so we could give our verdict. The location in the east of Amsterdam is close to a lot of cool things to do so you can really be really close to the city centre next to Central Station but still in a very quiet area.

We got a table by the sun and outside, it was a weekday so maybe that helped because it’s pretty packed in the weekends and I read you can be in a waiting list of 40 minutes for a table… That was scary enough for me since we have established I have no emotional foundation to wait for food for that long.

The service was pretty good for Amsterdam (Yes, I compare it like that because the service sucks in this city) and the coffee was amazing. I had an almond milk latte and they usually taste like shit if not made right but theirs is sooo good. So that’s an amazing point for them right there. The food was very good, they have amazing breakfast choices and pretty cool dishes like the cuban sandwich.I came back later on with V. for a second time, and the service had decayed considerably. Between getting my order done and finally to eat it seriously took one hour and 15 minutes, so I guess they have their days and you’re  just going to have to go there and try it for yourself. Just make sure you clear your schedule for two hours or so. And amazingly enough the second time I went there there was a very famous food critic in the restaurant that I cannot name!

If you’re looking for a brunch place or a breakfast place I definitely recommend Bakers & Roesters. It might – definately – be a little pricey, but you should just think of it as treating yourself a little bit and not doing any dishes afterwards!



Centrum Location – Kadijksplein 16 1018 AC Amsterdam
De Pijp Location – Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54 1072 BH Amsterdam
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