Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep

Hidden little gem

Hidden between the leafy trees at Flevopark is a dreamy little distillery, tucked away from all the noise of the city and surrounded by a small pound, herb garden and fruit trees. You can hear the ducks playing and distant noise of people chatting and enjoying the sun on the other site of the water. The ‘t Nieuwe Diep distillery and tasting room is housed in a polder pump house dating from 1880.

This little distillery produces more than 100 different products like jenevers (Dutch gin), sweet liqueurs, fruit genevers flavored with fresh juices as well as young and aged genevers. Their citroen genever is very special, like an even tastier version of limoncello. All products are made from organic ingredients as much as possible and produced according to age-old Dutch recipes made as often as possible from organic ingredients. Their drinks are delicious, but the coolest part is the setting which has a very rural feeling and let’s say very magical?

They also have wine, sodas, lemonades, coffee and other drinks as well as a unique Basque apple cider that you can order by the bottle to share.

This little place is known to us “Easterners” but is a bit unknown to other locals and specially tourists. If you are a tourist visiting this place keep that in mind and keep up with the vibe of peace and quiet or you will definately get some angry looks!

During summer it’s a great getaway to sit here on one of the tables by the water and just forget about your problems. In the winter it’s still possible to enjoy their drinks as they have a cosy inside area,

Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep is familiar to those living in Oost but is still relatively unknown to the rest of the city’s residents and visitors. If you like a peaceful place away from the crowds come and check it out. Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 15:00 to 20:00 in spring and summer and until 18:00 in fall and winter. Check the website to be sure.


There are some tables inside for tasting


get a taste

They have beers like konrad, weiherer, and Riedenburger IPA (a weaker one)… This time I took The IPA one because I’m such a baby and last time I took the big Weiherer I cycled home in circles.

They also have good wines (green) and amazing cider. For the ones who don’t do alcohol, you don’t need to worry because they got you covered with light drinks and lemonade. I recommend checking their website or just going there to see what they have.

They don’t serve food, so come prepared to either have a picnic in the park afterwards or with a full belly to take in the alcohol. However, they serve amazing old cheese, dutch sausage and peanuts.

Visit nwediep.nl for more info

Distilleerderij & Proeflokaal ‘t Nieuwe Diep – Flevopark 13, Amsterdam