5 Apps You Need in Amsterdam

I got you covered

1. Maps

Amsterdam has a great public transportation system provided by GVB. You don’t need their app or the famous 9292 (Used by the dutch mostly) to get by with the trams and buses, because Google Maps has all the info from GVB and provides accurate times, making it super easy to just google the address or name of the place you wanna go or drop a pin and check how to get there!
You can use Google Maps offline as well, don’t forget to save the map area on wifi before you go out.

Another app to use maps offline is Maps.me which also provides basically the same thing, but it’s manly for offline use during travel.
Remember that in order to get public transport info with google maps or any other map you will need an internet connection, which takes me to my next point…

Google Maps
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Android | iOS

2. Wifi Map Pro

Going to another country means you will have to pay a lot of money for 3g/4g. Instead, search for wifi you can use! This app has a huge database and you will always be covered. I use the Pro version, but they also have a free one. You load the map when you are connected to wi-fi and then you can search for wi-fi hotspots offline when you need it.

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3. Yelp

I know a lot of people use Trip Advisor when travelling and it can be a big help because of the big community of travellers and to get advice, and you can totally use that for main touristy things. If you want to really dive into the local scene, use Yelp. Most locals use it to know where the newest hotspots are and where it’s cool to hang out so you know you will be getting a real taste of the city.

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4. Ov-Chipkaart

For those who live in Amsterdam this is a must-have for you to always check how much money you still have in your public transport card, the ov-chipkaart. If you are only visiting, this is also a great investment if you stay longer than a week.

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 5. Instagram

Yes, Instagram made it to my list! Maybe you think it’s just a photo app but it can be much more than that… There are people who use it even to sell stuff (Instagram stores, people!), and you can totally take advantage of the geo tag feature to search for places in Amsterdam to get a hold of what’s going on in the city and the scene. Read more here about how to use Instagram as a travel tool.

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Your Little Black Book started as a blog about travel and now it’s a big site with an app & books and everything! You will always find the latest and hottest tips for places to go and things to do there. The site and app are both super organized so this is a great guide. I check it every week.

Android | iOS | website

7. Buienalarm

Probably the must must-have app to have in the whole country. The Netherlands is a rainy country and the weather can bounce really fast here. There is a local app just for rain with 2 hours forecast and it’s pretty accurate. If you have it in your phone it will notify you when the rain is about to hit! You can also check the website (ps: all dutchies know about this website so it’s a nice thing to “bond” over)

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✈️ What are your favorite travel apps? ✈️