While walking through the city to grab some chocolates, I stumbled upon this lovely small shop filled with treasures! I was attracted to it immediately because of a display of posters they put on the street. It didn’t take long before I went in and was amazed by the amount of stuff they had! It was like going into a treasure hunt, I’m a huge movie, posters, and photographs enthusiast aka Paraphernalia collector.

They have awesome movie posters for sale starting from around 8 euros and ranging from small or medium posters to huge ones that you can browse around in the store.

There are also arthouse dvds, original photographs of movie stars (legends), cool postcards, and film books (also vintage magazines). Their collection of posters include classic, french, vintage, italian and many more. You should also browse carefully because there is many more to be found, if you have a good eye for artifacts. ;)

If you love old vintage movies or all that old glamour, make sure to step inside!


Staalstraat 14, Amsterdam
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