Dining on the Moon

Amsterdam’s revolving restaurant

For our 6 year anniversary me and V. went fancy schmancy. I say this because last year we spent it playing Call of Duty in our apartment and stuffing our faces all day. Which was pretty great and anyone with a love of food and games – and staying in – can agree. But this time he surprised me and totally swept me out of my feet and took me to The Moon, literally.

Well, let me clarify… The moon is a new restaurant here in Amsterdam with an amazing & creative concept, so their menu is innovative and completely delicious. Some people might only know it as the “revolving restaurant”. It’s located at the 19th floor of the new and improved old Shell Tower, now A’dam Toren.

I thought about dining there before but I thought it would be a pain to get a reservation (which it was a bit, really) so I just brushed the thought aside. Then after a few weeks our anniversary came in and surprise, we’re going to the moon. I wouldn’t make such a big deal about a restaurant if it weren’t this cool, so trust me that you will get a pretty awesome experience. Who wouldn’t want to dine at the rooftop of the tallest building in the city center in a revolving restaurant?

Now, people who knows us probably know that we enjoy fine dining and we are not the most hip-club-and-pub-going-people and we love relaxing vibes, so this was perfect! The place is dressy enough and just fancy enough, it’s quiet because it’s not huge and they sit people around in an outer circle of the floor, while the kitchen is in the inner circle. So as you move around, you can see your food being prepared and a great view of the city. We arrived at seven in the evening during summer time so we got to stay and watch the sunset and then the beautiful city lights. We’re talking 360˚panorama.

The kitchen is led by Jaimie van Heije and Tommy den Hartog, with creative twists to ingredients and dishes. It’s all about an experience and everything is whimsical and carefully selected.

Like I said before we love the relaxed vibe, but if you don’t then you can go down to the basement of the building and party all night long at the Shelter Amsterdam, a 24-hours club! (Opens September 2016.)

all pictures were taken with an iPhone 6

Appetizers & The moon dish, made with steak tartare


The menu

We had the full menu and I suggest you do the same!

The Moon
Foie, red beet, steak tartaar, and lemon kaffir

Tiger Milk
Coquille, radish, green apple, and wasabi

Paling In Het Groen
Paling, brioche, avocado, green herbs, and vichysoisse

Doperwt, tuinboon, rendang, and specerijen

Guardian Angel
Blancmange and calamansi

Plus coffee & tea, wines etc.


palate cleanser

A small dish made up of a little “pearl” that has a delicious liquid inside and melts in your mouth (and must go in your mouth right away and not break on the table, just fyi) to act as a palate cleanser for the next dish.

The tiger milk dish

Some salad and a liquid on the bottom which they call the tiger milk and say it will make you as strong as a tiger.

The guardian angel dish for dessert

delicious and well composed! And let’s just say, super cute?

Sweets for coffee & tea time
A’DAM – 19th Floor, Amsterdam
Website: restaurantmoon.nl.
There is a parking garage at the A’DAM Tower