Gerlos, Austria

Winter never ends

This is our second time with family in Gerlos and at the same hotel, and last time I didn’t get the chance to hike, only to find out that I really really don’t like skiing! Picture this: girl falling in a split and her pair of skis flying about! Yes, I think everyone has had a bit of an accident when learning to ski, but I just can’t with the sport. Sorry skiers, I just don’t see the fun in poking the snow with sticks and going down a hill. (Good for you guys though) I’m honestly still willing to learn snowboarding at some point, but I’ve found my winter passion: hiking!

It snowed heavily almost everyday we were there, but staying in was no problem-o with all the fun stuff they have to do in the hotel. I was well prepared with my Kobo and Agatha Christie Collection so I could take in any amount of sitting around by resolving mysteries with Hercule Poirot. During this trip V. went snowboarding on alternate days, and hiked with me on his free days. After the first snow fall, we set out to hike and explore. We did two days, and just relaxed for the rest of the week in the Spa (talk about a relaxing getaway). We got sick in the end of the trip (it was only a matter of time) and so did everyone else so I’m glad we hiked early in the week.

So yes, you can have fun if you don’t ski during a ski trip. There is life after ski, people. There are other things to do in ski villages and depending on where you go, you can have a great time. Not to mention, aprés-ski anyone?


Before we went on the trip we decided to have real proper snow boots since last time we were a bit on the under prepared side. We had ski and snowboard equipment but no heavy-duty snow boots. We decided on the Sorel boots and it was a great investment, with a great price and durability. They are great for heavy snow, but really tiring to walk with on any other kind of surface.  I made a list of what I packed for this trip so you can have an idea of what you need for this type of activity.


Hiking in the winter is a whole new experience for me, and it was amazing to say the least. The scenery is so pretty and calming, and it’s silent and rewarding up the hills. It was probably one of most romantic things we ever did together. As we climbed up, we went through a lot of cold showers as the trees let the snow fall onto us, and although some people might get mad, I laughed like a little kid.

Hiking in the snow as it takes almost half of your leg in can be tricky and challenging at times, and also very heavy. I really wished we could have taken some tea and a thermos, but we were in paths that would lead to little houses and cafés up the hills in various areas, so we just thought we’d hike until we saw somewhere to rest and have a hot drink. There are bears around Gerlos, but the paths are safe and not in remote distant areas. We didn’t do any hardcore hiking so we mostly just enjoyed the village, the scenery from the top and other small paths for the whole day.

Winter Hiking Paths in Gerlos

The Schwarzachtal
The Wimmertal
The Schönachtal
The Krummbachtal
The Wildgerlostal
Gerlos Wiesenweg Path




All the information you need can be found at the official website, including transportation, ski arena, hiking paths, webcams, etc.
– Gerlos Zillertal Arena

Eat & Stay

There aren’t that many restaurants and many hotels have dining options, but there are plenty of bars and cafes.
– Traum Hotel
– Where to eat