Restaurant Incanto

Romantic & Fine Dining

Italian food almost literally gives me life. I also happen to be one of those people who think italian restaurants are much more romantic than french ones.

There is just something about an italian accent from the staff or slurping some pasta that I find really enchanting. Incanto is a rather dressy kind of place, so I hold off my slurping and put on a nice dress for the evening. Their italian menu is very classic, simple and elegant, and it’s all signed by a Venetian Chef – Nicolo Rossi. All the food is homemade – pasta, ice cream, you name it.

This place is a bit hard to find, which makes it a nicely hidden gem in the middle of town. When I say middle of town I mean it literally. It’s situated right in front of the famous Flower Market, and what it seems to me one of the most central buildings in Amsterdam. You have to look closely to find the little door with a small sign that says Incanto, and then go up the – steep – stairs. As you climb up you go past their wine cellar (they have over 150 Italian wines) to the second floor where you will find a cosy, elegant and classic restaurant with a very attentive staff.


The very first time I went there was for a surprise romantic date with my boyfriend, and I remember falling in love with the place. Not to mention local celebrities visit it all the time so you kind of get a bit starstrucked. We had a table right by the window with a view of the Flower Market, the Munttoren (the big tower with a clock in the Muntplein), the Amstel and the busy streets.


Amstel 2, 1017 AA Amsterdam

Phone: +31 (0)20 42 33 681 / E-mail:

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