Driving North

Remember movie drive-ins? Me neither.

Old projector with modern technology. The screen is adjusted so all cars can get a good view, the movie quality is not like going to IMax, and you shouldn’t expect that either. The whole point of is to get that “vintage” feeling going.

My mom told me about how she and my dad used to go to the movies at the drive-in. I always thought it was so dreamy and so comfortable to just be able to drive in, park and sit back, relax and watch a movie. Think about it, no rubbing of elbows, no one stealing your drink, no loud people (you can just close the windows), having a blanket and a pillow – why not? – all the food you want to take, a/c or heater (because you can choose whichever you want!), and being able to recline your chair. That was like my dream movie teather. Why did such thing ceased to exist? I can’t find a possible explanation. Really.

Driving North is a “Festival” per se, of movies featuring them in a drive-in they build just for the occasion. After last year’s success, they decided to do it again this year from the 1st of October until the 11th, featuring a movie each day. You can buy either car or pedestrian tickets at their website, and if you don’t have a car, you can take a seat by the bean chairs. You can go, grab a bite with your friends, check out the cool vintage (and new) cars, and enjoy old movies. Food and drinks can only be purchased if you have “munts” which you can buy when you drive in.

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I was there to watch Almost Famous, which is not really that old of a movie to be honest. Most movies were very old (except Fast and Furious 4, Chef, and Ex-machina), including Easy Rider, Thelma & Louise, Days of Thunder, Cry baby, Priscilla – Queen of the desert, Mortocycle diaries, and Death Proof & Planet Terror.

“Listen to Tommy with a candle burning and you’ll see your entire future.”
Anita Miller – Almost Famous



Every car is asigned a parking spot as soon as they arrive. So if you want the front row, arrive early. We arrived 1:30 hour before the movie and it was already getting packed. It wasn’t a problem really because they arrange everything really neatly so you always get a good view of the movie. They give you a parking number that you can use to order food at your car by texting a number!



If your car’s baterry run down all the way because of listening to the radio, or for any reason, they will come and recharge it for you. There is a first aid tent in the premises and public bathrooms (I would recommend doing your duties at home and never, never going there!) They will take care of your needs so you can be super comfy.


There is outside sitting on wooden sofas with fire pits, food trucks and picknick tables.The day I went there a pregnant lady gave birth during the pause, that’s how comfortable you can get.
Before the movie starts they show a short film, and it’s a different one everyday. Be sure to check the program to know.
After the movie is half-way through, there is a small pause for you to grab some food or aliviate yourself.

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Food truck recommendations

American Cheese Burger from the grill (or a hot dog), or Fries with Mayo from the Wat de Pot Schaft. Don’t go for the popcorn.

Food and drinks can only be purchased if you have “munts” which you can buy when you drive in.

Papaverweg 56, Amsterdam
Buy tickets and see the whole program at their Website
All photos were taken with iPhone 6