Gloomy Morning Rituals

Tips to beat the Blues

As Autumn approaches, the weather in Amsterdam just gets gloomier and gloomier. I know a lot of people get excited for fall, but over here it’s just a lot of rain and wind, except for the days where the sun has a chance to shine and the parks are beautifully lit by warm sun light and colorful brown leaves falling from the trees.

Poetry aside, it can get kind of boring to stay in during those stormy days. For those who work at home or are generally “indoor-sy people”, it can be a good excuse to take the day to relax a bit. When the gray days approach, I try to switch up my at home routine a bit to get a bit more energy and keep busy and healthy.


1. Nutritious delicious food

Start your day with the right breakfast! This is a new combination I never thought I would try: Cut Avocado, Boiled eggs and Chia seeds. While browsing “fit people” profiles on Instagram (we all do that) I found a picture of a bowl full of avocado and boiled eggs and thought to myself “Here’s a new way for me to eat avocado in the morning!”. It was perfect timing because I just bought an egg boiling machine and I have to admit this is delicious!


2. Good Coffee

Nothing fixes a gloomy day like a good cup of coffee! Sure, running to the next coffee house is okay if you’re lazy, but taking the time to press your own is so rewarding!I used to drink filtered coffee all my life, and after we bought this little french presser, it was a total game changer. I’m a lazy person so I must admit I don’t look forward to grinding the beans, then waiting to press, then waiting again… But it became a ritual for me and it’s a – much needed – calming experience in the mornings now.

How-to French press coffee (3 to 4 servings)

Grind 1/2 cup of coffee beans until rough and coarse (until they look like breadcrumbs) and pour into the coffee press. Boil 4 cups cold water and wait 1 minute before pouring it all in the press and stir. Leave it for 4 minutes and then press!

TIP: In amsterdam, Jumbo seels great coffee beans from their own brand.

Bullet proof

If you are sensitive to coffee like me (aka crazy jittery and horrible headaches), then you might want to bullet proof your coffee.Just add a little less than half a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee and drink it slowly.


3. Pamper yo self

If you feel gloomy too, why not give yourself a pamper? In here I’m using the Mask Of Magnaminty by LUSH and it’s one of the best masks I’ve ever tried. First, it empowers you by making you look like the hulk (I look, thefore I feel), and then it gives you super soft, even-looking and good looking skin. I have already mentioned this product before on a LUSH favorites list.If you don’t have any masks, you can still pamper your skin with stuff you can find in your fridge and make a face mask, like eggs, yogurt, etc.

Mask of magnaminty €16,25 / 315g – Get it at LUSH


4. Hydrate always

I’m no nutricionist, but in Brazil we swear by coconut water for everything.
We drink it if we’re sick, dehydrated, for anti-anging effects, energy, and for pretty much everything.Everything about coconut is amazing, the water, oil, meat… and the smell? Heavenly! I use it a lot in my smoothies and when I’m at the beach it’s all I drink. Vita Coco is the only brand of packaged coconut water that lives up to it, the rest really doesn’t make it justice. Not to mention all those conservatives and sugar they put in packaged coconut water! Ew!


5. Endulge (healthily)

If I’m having a gloomy day, nothing will make me feel worse than over-eating a bunch of crap.
Oh man, the guilt! Sometimes we do need it – aka PMS days – but healthy treats can be just as filling.You can make these cookies by soaking dates for a few hours (or just use Medjool dates), then crushing cashew nuts in a food processor, and adding the dates in to form a dough. Then just roll it on shredded coconut!

Get my recipe here.

6. do something

Listen to calming music, open all your windows and breath some fresh air, and enjoy the vibe.

You can also take this opportunity to do some “fall cleaning” as I like to call, sort your mail, drink some wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere) or do that organization project you have been post-poning. And find your furry friend to keep you some company if you have one.