Rem Eiland Amsterdam

not for the faint of heart

This is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to in Amsterdam. With breathtaking views and also breathtaking staircases, the place is full of history and good food – of course. For those who visit, you might wonder how and why they built a restaurant up there (I know I did!) and there is actually a pretty interesting story behind it.

History cut short, in the 60’s there was only one television channel in The Netherlands (can you imagine that?) and the government did not allow commercial television, so they broadcasted from the sea! This island was built in the north sea, and was known back then as the pirate broadcasting station for the Radio and TV Noordzee, until the army shut it down.

After that, the artificial island was moved and used for many purposes, but in 2006 was relocated to Amsterdam and caught the attention of bussiness men Nick van Loon (from a prestigious family in The Netherlands – they even have their own museum) and Hilly Engels. They thought “why not make it a restaurant?” (obviously that’s what you think when you see an old pirate tv broadcast station) and savd it from demolition at the time and transformed it into a restaurant that opened in 2011.

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I would recommend going for lunch as they can get too busy at dinner time and service can be slow. During sunny and warmer days you can sit outside or on the terrace to eat or have drinks (which I highly recommend you do), that has a great view of the IJ (river).

For the faint of heart, I have to warn you that you must climb a lot of stairs that are out in the open and in the restaurant they have parts of the floor that are made of glass. The layout is very industrial and unlike anything I’ve seen before, which gives the place very original remarks.

Haparandadam 45-2 1013 AK Amsterdam
Open seven days a week from 12:00 pm for lunch and from 17.00 for dinner