The real fairy tale stories

you know, the creepy and realistic versions…

I purchased this book last year, but I couldn’t finish reading it until now. Not that it’s not an enjoyable read – of course it is – but there are too many tales and I felt like I needed to take my time, coming back to the book from time to time, to enjoy another tale. Like you do with treats.

As you can tell from the book cover, this isn’t your average fairy tale book. All these tales were german tales, and were collected by the german brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The first volume ever of this collection was published in 1812, with 85 stories. This edition has 752 pages and over 120 tales.

The Gimm’s Fairy Tales collection have been much criticized over the years, since the creppy tales are more on the twisted side than “happy-ending” stories. But on the contrary, they are inspired in real life stories, and very much realistically written. Disney have used many of these tales, and portrayed them in their own way, which was far from accurate. But hey, who doesn’t want a happy ending and less creppy version of Rapunzel and Snow White?

This edition features tales including  classics such as Cinderella , Snow White , Hansel and Grethel , Rapunzel  , Little Red Riding Hood and The Frog Prince.

This edition is incredibly beautiful, nicely illustrated, and the artwork is very fitting.  The whole cover of the book has golden features in leather, as you can see by looking at the three following pictures below.

Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

Let’s take a look inside, shall we? Opening the very first page of the book is already like immersing yourself into a little fairy tale world…

Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

When the witch wanted to come in, she stood down below and called out:”Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair for me.”Rapunzel had beautiful long gorgeous hair, as fine as spun gold. When she heard the witch’s voice, she undid her braids and fastened them to the window latch. They fell to the ground twenty ells down, and the witch climbed up on them.

– Rapunzel

Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

Like I said, don’t be fooled! There are many twisted stories in there.

*Minor spoilers ahead*

The two that gave me the most creeps, might have been the tale of Blue Beard and The Juniper Tree. Blue Beards’s story includes a mysterious room that might of might not be full of body parts, and  Juniper Tree’s tale features a son of a couple that gets eaten in a story about jealousy.

An overall pleasurable read if you are into real fairy tales and love to collect this type of book! I am in love with the world of fairy tales, so this was a nice addition to my book shelve.

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