The best dutch ice cream cone in Amsterdam

it’s like having a cloud in your mouth

There aren’t nearly as many ice cream shops in Amsterdam as there are in any little city in Italy, but there is some good ice cream to be eaten in The Netherlands and certainly one of the best is in this ridiculously little ice cream shop at the Nieuwendijk.

It might be that you only find it enjoyable to have some ice cream in The Netherlands during the short dutch summer, but even during winter I wouldn’t skip a cone from this shop! If you are passing by or only in Amsterdam for a few days, I definitely would give the dutch whipped ice cream a try! It’s cheap, and leaves a smile on your face.


The ice cream consistency is similar to – eek – shaving cream in some parts. I don’t mean it will taste like it, obviously! It’s just extremely soft and melts in your mouth, just like fresh whipped cream would! Well, we better think of a whipped cream consistency instead of shaving cream. Forget the shaving cream.

They only have this option on the menu (it’s their specialty). You can have it on a cone or in a small plastic cup. There some other things available to buy such as small chocolates and pies, after all it is a bakery. A true dutch delight! So now you know one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets.

Banketbakkerij Van der Linde, Nieuwendijk 183, 1012 MG Amsterdam