A day in the east of Amsterdam | 6x hotspots

Oh, boy.. I can barely believe summer is gone… No more cycling around in skirts and dresses to enjoy the refreshing wind coming through, no more laying on the sand or the grass in the city’s many beautiful parks (this […]


shine bright babies! ūüėė

Brunch at Bakers & Roesters

There is something relaxing about waking up in the weekend and going for a late breakfast (or brunch if you’d rather call it that). But to be fair just the thought of not having to cook and then clean up […]

Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep

Hidden between the leafy trees at Flevopark is¬†a dreamy little¬†distillery, tucked away from all the noise of the city and surrounded by a small pound, herb garden and fruit trees. You can hear the ducks playing and distant noise of […]

5 Apps You Need in Amsterdam

1. Maps Amsterdam has a great public transportation system provided by GVB. You don’t need their app or the famous 9292 (Used by the dutch mostly) to get by with the trams and buses, because Google Maps has all the […]


I love a good bargain, but most importantly I love to find unique little things for decor and vintage clothes. There are flea markets in Amsterdam but it’s not always that special. The Ij-Hallen¬†is the biggest flea market in Europe […]


While walking through the city to grab some chocolates, I stumbled upon this lovely small shop filled with treasures!¬†I was attracted to it immediately because of a display of posters they put on the street.¬†It didn’t take long before I […]

Java Eiland

The eastern docklands can be just as charming as the center part of the city…One of my favorite places to hang out in the east is is Java-Eiland which is right by my house and never ceases to amaze me. […]

Three days in Rio de Janeiro

We just came back from vacation in Brazil where we spent three wonderful weeks of family fun & travel, including Rio in some of them. Our trip to Rio was somewhat a special occasion that I can‚Äôt wait to tell you […]

Amsterdam Book Market Finds I

Hey everyone! I’m writing this post from Brazil! We flew out here for my mom’s birthday and we’ve just been enjoying the Brazilian winter. But I’m still going to share with you some of my latest purchase “book-wise” in Amsterdam. […]

Dining on the Moon

For our 6 year anniversary me and V. went fancy schmancy. I say this because last year we spent it playing Call of Duty in our apartment and stuffing our faces all day. Which was pretty great and anyone with […]

The Book Club Launch

Hello lovelies,¬†I am officially launching my book of the month “club”! This section will have everything, from books¬†finds,¬†reviews, book store tips, book hauls, and also a book of the month so we can read together!¬†I have given a lot of […]

Amsterdam Book Market

Amsterdam is a city with many great street markets, and this is one of my favourites. The Amsterdam Boekmarkt sells second-hand and antiquarian books (rare books), and takes place every friday at the Spui Square, infront of the Bejinhof¬†(great location […]

A not-gross guide to natural cleaning

I have a hate and love relationship with cleaning. I love when everything is clean but I hate doing it, but that’s not news to anyone in the world I guess? We live in an apartment by ourselves with a […]

Five items beauty routine

I’ve come along way since my beauty 101 post¬†and although all those products I used to use were great (I’m still finishing up a couple of them), I wanted to move over to products I could either make myself or […]

DIY Alove vera healing cream

We get burned pretty often around here because we like to cook at home everyday, so me and V. will get the usual oil splash, burning water spill, hot pan handles, and suffer from invisible oven-mitt¬†paradox (where you can’t find […]

Supplements for hashimotos

Hey guys! I know this subject is kind of¬†a downer but I think this post¬†can benefit a lot of people who will read it. Let’s sit down and talk about Hair loss and Hypothyroidism today! Even if you don’t have […]

Spinach tamari tofu with basmati rice

I was never a big fan of tofu, I could never manage to cook it right or to get it crispy and tasty. I’ve finally learned how to “press” the damn thing and now I can proudly say that I […]

No non-sense gift-guide for kids

It’s almost my nephew’s first birthday and as cute as that is, it can also be a bit troubling. I set out to find a gift that wouldn’t just add to a pile of toys (I’m not sure how many […]

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